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ture o○f healthcare ○in America, r●acial inequality 〓and t

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    heir ability■ to build a wi○nning coalit●ion to take■ on U.S. Pres●ident Donald Tr◆ump next year.Th○e Wednesday ni●ght's faceo◆ff in At

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    lanta cam●e after hours of ◆testimony i◆n the impeachment● inquiry of Tr◆ump and at〓 a critica●l juncture in◆ the Democrat●ic race to r

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    un◆ against him◆ in 2020. With l◆ess than three〓 months before the ●first voting con●tests, big que●stions hang over the● front-runners,

ng coalition ?/h2>
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    unching improba◆ble last-minute ●bids for the nomi◆nation.But am●id the turb●ulence, the W●hite House ●hopefuls o●ften found th◆emselves fighting■ on well

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    -trodden○ terrain, part◆icularly over ●whether the party ◆should embrace a swe●eping "Med●icare for All"◆ program or m■ake more mo○dest changes to t●he cu

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